Thursday, July 14, 2005

taking my time

I'm glad to report that one wall (the biggest one, I might add) and the two small walls by the door in my soon-to-be-room are now a lovely purple. Once I get the rest of the room painted I'll put up some pictures. It all depends on when dad's stuff can be moved. He's a paticular sort of guy so there is not much I can move without his say-so or okay.

Tomorrow night I meet with the gal that I've been matched with for English tutoring. If we decide we can stand each other and work together, I'll start tutoring her next week. Her name is Kyong and she's from Korea. She sounds really nice (we talked last night on the phone) and she was thrilled to hear from me. I am praying she'll be motivated to learn. That makes all the difference. Wish me luck!

The weekend is almost upon us. While I'll be putting in a few hours at work I hope to also visit the zoo, maybe with Vicky. Nothing like a trip to see these
guys to cheer a person up!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll update this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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