Monday, July 18, 2005

a random sampling

In no particular order, some thoughts and happenings of my day.

* Received the wrong version of a movie I ordered specifically because they said it was WS.
* had a yummy biscuit and some gravy for breakfast, the best meal of the day so far.
* had a sponsor threaten to disregard our rules and show up at his child's house (he got sent to my supervisor and is he going to get it!)
* shared Jelly Belly's with Dara.
* forgot to take my morning break and it was 15 minutes till lunch time when I remembered.
* got an email from Jessica (okay, so it was sent this weekend but I hadn't really read it yet).
NOTE: Jessica is the student in the Philippines that I corresponded with for three years, she recently graduated and we are now corresponding on our own. She's wonderful!
* thought about going to a movie tonight but couldn't find one I really really really had to see.
* let Pippin (my bird) fly around the room, he only hit the mirror once.
* thought about working on finishing the very last bit of my novel, may happen yet.

Nothing exciting there, I know, but welcome to my world!

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Tara said...

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my blog and also thank you for catching the '05 instead of '06!! LOL

I will have to check out your blog too!

Take care!