Friday, July 29, 2005

nowhere to run

It's a sad statement that a person's home is no longer their refuge. It's true.

Take last night, for instance.

Nathan and I had just returned from a yummy dinner at Red Robin. I had finally remembered that I needed to fill up the windshield wiper fluid on my car so I was in the driveway, pouring blue liquid into my car when I hear "Happy Thursday, " booming from behind my vehicle.

I know my car can't talk so I peeked around the hood to see a guy not just passing by but sauntering up the driveway.

Advise, run away if someone says "happy Thursday" to you.

This man proceeded to tell Nathan and I about the wonderful organic cleaner he was selling. He sprayed it on Nathan's shoe, my car, the driveway, dad's truck, anywhere he could find. I wanted to run away but that is considered rude in our society and I don't want to be rude (plus I had a strong feeling that he would follow me into the house) so I listened. It took more than it should have to convince him to go away. He wasted at least 20 minutes if not more of my evening. And then Nathan says that another guy selling the same product had stopped by earlier in the week. Poor Nathan is too nice... and he had to listen to it all again!

We have gotten rid of the pesky telemarketers, it's time to focus our attention on door-to-door annoyances. I'm thinking of buying a doormat that says "We've found God, we gave at the office and we don't care about the rest." For those that don't get the subtle message, I'll add a sign on the door that says "those that fail to heed the doormat will be dealt with by our enforcement officers, Smith & Wesson."

Think it will help?


Vocal Violinist said...

loved the last two blogs! I laughed and really enjoyed! We have door to door people here, but I can never understand what they are saying, so my "Nine, Spreken Ze, Deutch" usually works. Either that or "English"?

I updated finally! Lot's of new pictures! Ciao, Ciao

worm said...

semi-random surfing (read: bored and saw a comment you left on a friends site).

love it, I need one of those signs myself. Then again, people expect me to be rude from the moment they see me ... who am I to argue or disappoint them? ;)

Meg said...

I was accosted by someone with that same cleaner, I think. He made white spots on my otherwise dreary door. And now I can't get the rest clean, and I can't make the white spots dreary again! LOL