Thursday, May 26, 2005

should be sleeping

It's 10:43 and I should have tucked myself into bed 13 minutes ago, but alas, I'm sitting at my computer. Just did a round of blog checking. I love the blogging community. There are such wonderful people out there. I know, there are the creeps as well, but the majority are nice people just wanting to leave their footprint.

Reminds me of the chat room I used to frequent in the early college years. It's odd to recall that I never had email until I went to college. I'd never been on the internet! Computers were for typing up reports and playing very simple computer games. Who knew you could meet people from around the world, even talk to them in real time? I was hooked.

I miss those days. I used to spend hours chatting with friends that I've never seen in real life. Yet them often knew me better than those I interacted with day in and day out. There is something that anonymity does for you, it can let you be yourself, the you that you keep shushed the rest of the day. Granted, you can also pretend, but I find people don't unless they have some reason (and not always a good one).

So this post is dedicated to all those blogger friends and chat room friends of today and yesterday. Thank you for bringing your honest and open selves to the internet. Thank you for being so nice to me and my slightly twisted way of seeing the world. You are wonderful and you enrich my life. I hope I can do the same for you.

Here's my footprint, wear it well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

borrowing without permission

One of my visitors from Muzik did me the honor of stealing my survey (which I stole from miss pottenger, all is fair in the survey land). So, I repaid the honor by borrowing without permission her movie survey. I've also taken the liberty of adding a few more questions because it was rather short and I love movies.

Here you go...
Total number of movies I own on DVD/video: Aprox 215 DVD's and 30 or so VHS
Last movie I bought: Troy, The Last Samurai and Jersey Girl (all bought at the same time)
Last movie I watched in the theater: The Kingdom of Heaven
Last movie I watched at home: Hidalgo
Five movies that mean a lot to me (in no particular order): The Green Mile, Persuasion, Dead Poets Society, Under the Tuscan Sun and Life is Beautiful
Movie I watch when I need a good laugh: Pirates of the Caribbean
Movie I watch when I need a good cry: The Green Mile
Movie I make all my friends watch: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Actor and Actress I can't stand: Russell Crowe and Selma Blair
Actor and Actress I adore: Colin Firth and Julia Stiles
Worst Movie I ever sat through: maybe not ever, but About Schmitt was not worth the time or money
Movie I couldn't make it through: Napoleon Dynamite
Most Watched Movie: Thoroughly Modern Millie

So, what is the last movie you watched? Leave it in comments. I want to hear about them!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

a change in the wind

Life is full of changes. You can't help but change a little every day, a lot in a year, and so much in a lifetime. That's part of life. Like death, you can't escape it.

I'm pretty sure the wind in my life is starting to change. Like Mary Poppins, I can sense it coming. I only wish I had a magic umbrella to wisk me off to the next place. But I don't. My path is a bit harder since I have to be still and listen for directions and then do my best to follow. I'm glad I can sense that the change is coming, yet it's hard to handle sometimes. I know change is on the way, but when, how, who? I like answers to questions, I like to see all the pieces. I'm one of the weird ones who need details and the big picture. Half is not an option. But half is all I usually get. No wonder I'm a tad pyscho!

Had a wonderfully challenging conversation with a dear friend tonight. Kayla is going through a lot right now as well, changing and growing. We aren't growing really in the same direction but in the same ways. So while circumstances are different, the struggles are similar. There is little I enjoy so fully as great conversations. Ones that move thought to action and ideas into reality. I'm thankful for my friends who engage in this sort of communication with me. I don't know where exactly I would be without them, but I'm sure it would be no place to write home about.

It's getting late and I'm a bit tired. Can't wait until I catch up on my sleep. Good news is I'm not producing at church this weekend (I would have happily done so since I enjoy producing, but Louise is moving in two weeks and wanted one last chance to boss everyone around!) so that means a weekend free. I think I'm going to head up to Muller for some God-n-me time. Nothing like spending time in His creation to draw close to Him!

Sleep well, my dear reader, may all your dreams be beautiful tonight.

Monday, May 23, 2005

blogging a few words while sitting in my room drinking gatorade

(pre-script: how do you like the color? I wanted some kick and the orange seems to go well. Give me your feedback in comments!)

How's that for a title? My poetry teacher from college would have loved it. It's long without actually telling you a bit about what is coming after.

Dara took me out for my birthday tonight. Yes, I know, my birthday was last month, but don't tell Dara. It would ruin her world. Ok, honestly, Dara is well aware of when my birthday is. We were both just a tad busy then and she couldn't decide what to get me until a month later and then we had to finish the play. So, we went out tonight for dinner and a movie.

I'm not sure which was tastier!

Had Red Robin (bad me, I went there yesterday, but I'm hooked on their summer Watermelon Limeade) and then watched Kingdom of Heaven. Should not have drank four of the aforementioned drinks at dinner, knowing that I was going to the movies, but I did. And I only missed like three or four minutes of "conversation". Bloom proved that he can carry a movie as long as he does more acting than talking. I'm a sucker for the noble, seeking forgiveness sort of guy. Granted he sleeps with another guy's wife and THEN gets a case of morals, but at least he developed it at some point!! The soundtrack was great and it's one I'll be buying as soon as it's out.

Other than that, the day was almost a total waste. My Monday's are torn up so much at work that I don't actually accomplish anything. Throw in a thirty minute phone call from one very sweet but scattered sponsor/volunteer, and there was not hope in saving the rest of the afternoon!

I'm all excited because Travis, one of the guys from drama at church, is getting together a bunch of creative type of people to work on creative type projects this summer. Something I've tried in the past but never had the momentum to actually get anything done. Travis, on the other hand, is driven and can get others to move their feet. Even if nothing really comes from it, spending time around creative people who are busy being creative is always fun.

Well, I'd better get to my book and then to bed. If I don't finish reading the third book in the Space Triolgy how on earth will I be ready to start with the first one in a few weeks with Dara and Sarah??

Go back asleep, dear reader, go back asleep.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

mystery girl

Many thanks to Muzik for making me the mystery blog of the day (again). I appreciate everyone who stopped by and even more those who left comments. I'll be making the rounds soon to visit your blogs.

Well, the play is over. My first official directing everything has come and gone. I've learned a lot and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Granted, I really miss acting, but directing is fun.

I'd love to wax eloquent about something, but to be perfectly honest, I'm tired and my feet hurt. So I think I'm going to read a chapter in my current book and go to bed.

I'll post more later today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

prince of whatever is left

Ever feel like that? Like you got the leftovers when they were handing out the good stuff. I sometimes wonder if my guardian angel was playing hide-n-seek when she should have been gathering gifts and blessings for my future.

I know, into each life a little rain must fall, but like the Born Loser (you know him from the comics), somewhere along the line I wonder if I got mistaken for Noah. Sure, my heart tells me that my rainbow is coming (and my prince) but somedays that's hard to keep in focus. When you are bailing out water from your dinghy as fast as you can and not making process, well, you know. And there are times when I quit moving the water to just sit in the rain. What's the point when the boat is already full?

If you are wondering, much of this was brought on because someone was reading my other blog with dishonest intentions. That bothers me greatly. If you are going to read my blog, then come to enjoy or be amused or even think. But do not come as a spy, do not come to police what I have to say and do not by any means call me eight times in two hours to clarify anything. Honestly. If you don't like what I post, don't read it. Simple as that. Right?

To my sweet and wonderful readers who do come because they care about what's going on in my life, to you who are amused and entertained by my slightly warped view of the world, and those who stumble upon this place in search for quality blogs, welcome. Thank you for coming by.

The rest will just have to bite their tongues and get over it (and I saw that in the nicest way possible).

Okay, I feel better. Mission accomplished. I'm back to being the princess of quite a lot.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

not another survey, yes

As Miss Pottenger puts it, in lieu of a real post, I give you this fine survey. Enjoy!

My uncle: used to be a Marine.
Never in my life: have I ever been to a nightclub.
When I was five: I got the next door neighbor girl grounded (she bit me in the back, literally!)High School was: almost ten years ago!
I will never forget: the way the world smelled on September 11, 2001.
I once met: Liz Curtis Higgs.
There's this girl I know who: has seen heaven.
Once, at a bar: I gave a speech (in a courtroom, at that bar! I've never been to the other kind)
By noon I'm usually: starting to wake up.
Last night: I set up chairs after our performance of Earnest.
If I only had: a cabin in the woods.
Next time I go to church: I'll discuss the legacy of Cain and Seth.
What worries me most: never accomplishing my reason for being.
When I turn my head left, I see: my t.v., my doll house and lots of movies.
When I turn my head right, I see: wire cubes filled with books and trinkets.
What I miss most about the eighties: legwarmers.
If I was a character written by Shakespeare, I'd be: Puck in Midsummers Night Dream.
By this time next year: I will have edited and finished another novel.
I have a hard time understanding: stupidity.
If I ever go back to school: I'd study theater and writing.
You know I like you if: I laugh with you and listen to what you say.
My ideal breakfast is: anytime after noon :), sorry, I'm not a big breakfast eater.
A song I love, but do not have is: nothing comes to mind, I'm sure there are lots!
If you visit my hometown, I suggest: visiting Garden of the Gods and Glen Erye.
If you spend the night at my house: be prepared to sleep with the zoo!
I'd stop my wedding for: nothing, the wedding must go on!
The world could do without: Anna Nicole Smith.
My favorite blonde is: If I don't say Carin, I'll be in trouble :)
If I do anything well, it's: write and act, and write.
And by the way: I get a massage tomorrow!

My 10 favorite TV shows and favorite characters from them(not in order): I can't even think of ten shows as I only watch one and I didn't even catch that one this season! Stargate SG1: I love them all. Stargate Atlantis: The pilot is cute stuff. And now we digress to old shows because I don't have time to watch t.v. these days. Sliders: Quinn, he was adorable. MASH: I like them all but Winchester was precious. Xfiles: Fox, nothing more need be said on that one! Northern Exposure: the moose at the start. Sorry, I'm out of shows unless I revert to childhood.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Of course, Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, Eomer, Edmund Bertrum, Captain Wentworth, Daniel Jackson, and the Saint.

The last book you bought is: Monster by Frank Peretti.
The last book you read: Perelandra by C.S. Lewis.
What are you currently reading? I'm in-between books until the play is over, then I'll dive into That Hideous Strength, then Monster, then Mirror, Mirror and finally The Time-Traveler's Wife.
Five books you would take to a deserted island: the Bible, Lord of the Rings, The Space Trilogy (by Lewis), James and the Giant Peach, and A Dummies Guide to Surviving on a Deserted Island.

Friday, May 13, 2005

the peanut gallery

Wow, four whole comments. I'm feeling special. So, in tonight's post part one, I'm going to respond!

Emily from
Vocal Violinist said: Wow! I'm so excited for you! It's about time they finally got this position set for you! Your Dad's place sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the comment. I'm off to Koln today.Ciao, Ciao

Slinky Girl Responds: Thank you, Em! I know you have been praying with me on this for a while. After week one I'm happy to report that job wise, things are going well. I come home at the end of the day feeling that I've accomplished something, and the day flies by! Haven't heard any more about dad and his job, but I'm sitting tight. I know you've been having fun running around Europe, and I'm enjoying hearing about it.

John from
The Sound of Muzik said: I always have to find out these things on your blog...

Slinky Girl Responds: Of course, because we didn't have WA on Tuesday and you weren't there last week and the week before, oh, bother. Not to mention that I shared it in the Saturday night service that we did the week after the snow storm. If you actually came to church :) That said, to set the record straight, John comes to church regularly and he helps lead worship and he's very good at it. I very much appreciate his view on the world so check out his blog!

Miss Pottenger from
Dating the Tooth Fairy said: Have you been spying me? I'm looking at your list of previous posts, and you have one called "the art of keeping secrets." I have a poem titled "The Art of Swallowing Your Secret." I suppose it could be that parallel minds thing we seem to have, but being spied on is so more exciting.

Slinky Girl Responds: Hee hee hee! The funny thing is I have not read said poem. Of course, this is the moment we should both freak out and realize that we know each other too well for our own good, but we won't because it's nice to know we as individuals aren't the only weird ones out there. If I had the time, you know I would spy on you (if just to get research for the next great novel we will both write), but I haven't the time. Now, about that poem, I want to read it!!

Sammy from
licketysplit said: Just stopping by to say 'hi'...nice blog you have here! I'll be back!

Slinky Girl Responds: Thank you! I am enjoying your blog as well, it's wonderful. I'm laughing even now at your chocolate and hair cutting post. I'm sending Miss Pottenger over right away since I know she will need to read the most recent post about Barbie in a black veil. I'll be adding your site to my must reads. Hello from this side of the ocean!

Well, that's about it. Now go, read each the blogs I put links to. I've just discovered how to link (and no smart comments, I don't have time to play with blogger often so I'm a wee bit slow!) and I want to help you all get readers just like Muzikdude helped me. Granted, then I ran off and started this blog, but I'm keeping up.

Friday, May 06, 2005

the sound of trumpets

And the heavenly chorus sang, the clouds parted, and I did a happy dance.

Okay, that's not quite the way it happened, but it was what I saw happening in my mind. Finally, the decision was made to go ahead with the test team starting Monday. What a lovely feeling to hear that I had only hours left on a team of people who don't work, a supervisor who has no clue and slave to a computer program that makes you understand why people go postal.

In other realms, I found out that dad may have a job change of sorts coming as well. There is talk of him moving to Wyoming... which means not living in Colorado. That's just weird, but it may work. Granted, if that happens, it looks like a move for me (back into dad's house with Nathan), but that is workable. Don't get me wrong, I love where I am, but I am sensing that my time here may be up. June is just around the corner and I'm not entirely sure what else sits at that intersection.

The play is coming along nicely. While I'm excited about performances, and I always want shows to last forever, I'm also looking forward to a Saturday morning of sleeping in, not living at the church (nothing against the church, but I do like my own bed) and having some time to myself.

Can't say that there is anything else really exciting going on. I still need to get my book broken up into chapters so it can be translated and improved. I think that will be my project for the month of June. Then it's time to write another one in July. Of course, I'm going to do the whole insane month of November again (if I'm not directing a play or in a play or something like that), but I don't see any reason to limit myself to one month of writing per year. Now, if only I could figure out how to make my blog publishable (in print) and sell it, I would be all set, but that's just a dream.

Happy weekend. Leave your mark below and let me know you stopped by.

Monday, May 02, 2005

the duality

I've been struggling, as some of you know, with the concept of duality. How we are sometimes called to play two different roles at the same time. Often, these roles are in opposition to each other, or don't seem to go together.

There is the Princess/Warrior, the Friend/Advisor, the Steady Hand/Catalyst, all different roles that seem to be required in a strange co-existence. Throw in the spiritual side of things (and that duality in and of itself, Spiritual/Physical) and you have for a rough ride.

I'm re-reading Lewis's Space Trilogy, a series that has always fascinated me. Every time I read it, I am made wiser, as the Lady would say. I sometimes think I should avoid reading them because then I won't have to learn, but I'm drawn to them. Learning is not always a fun thing to do.

So, do any of you struggle with duality? Any other split personalities out there? How do you cope with opposing "hats"?

Time to clean up and go to bed and spend some time musing over this in my head.