Sunday, July 17, 2005

my faint heart beats

I have a new love.

This would be number three on the list now.

I haven't given up my first love, but I was disappointed that Jack apparently is leaving the show and the team may not be together! Number two is showing great promise but I did miss all of last season and it's not on dvd yet.

But be still my heart.

When I first saw the previews for The 4400, I was intrigued. But as usual, I was far too busy to actually watch the show and too scattered to remember to record it. So it came and went like most shows that sound interesting.

Then I found the dvd for season one at Walmart. It was only $15! I bought it. Last night, I stuck in the first disk. It didn't take long. They had me hook, line and sinker.

What I think attracts me so much is that the characters are compelling. There are all these people (4400 to be exact) that have been missing. Some for years, some for months. All just disappeared. Then they come back. But they haven't aged a day, don't remember a lick about where or when they have been, and the world has no idea what to do with them.

After the first episode, each episode focuses on one retunee but also keeps up with the story line of a handful of main characters. The story lines are well written, the characters are believable and the acting is great.

I stayed up until almost 4 am watching! I would have watched the whole season but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I finished today. I think I'm going through withdrawal already.

And season two started back in June so now I have to wait until IT comes out on dvd.

Love is a crazy thing indeed.

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Le laquet said...

It's been on recently and I missed it (Simon has a sad addiciton to sport on TV!!) - I am going to buy it on DVD soon!!