Sunday, July 31, 2005

just for practice

This weekend I went to the zoo. But unlike a normal visit where I go alone or take my sister, Vicky, this time I had three kids in tow.

Yes, three.

Age 7 and under.

As we were sitting in the bank drive thru, Jake, the oldest, asked me if I was practicing to be a mom. While that wasn't my intent in offering to take them, it turned out to be good practice. And also a great reminder of why I don't want kids yet (and as Jake pointed out, I first have to get married and THEN I can have kids).

Anyway. So I take Jake, 7, Will, 4 and Kayla, 1, to the zoo. With Kayla along I also needed the stroller, which Will can sit on if he gets tired as well. Now, I'm used to keeping track of Vicky, of dragging her up the hills, telling her to hurry up and all that, but three able-bodied kids are a bit more work.

First stop, the giraffes. We bought crackers and found a nice open spot. Jake loved it, Will fed one cracker then decided he didn't like that and Kayla had a ball. She squealed and giggled. Every time she spotted an animal she would squeal. I have to admit, you see the zoo differently when you take small children.

We also stopped at the petting zoo, where Kayla discovered goats (and petted them with her feet, which delighted her to no end). She was not so pleased when I stuck her now dirty feet into the cool, soapy water. Thankfully, she likes me and it was soon forgotten. Will got to see hippos but is convinced they don't do anything and Jake got to see the white lion, which he kept calling a tiger.

By the time we got through everything we didn't have time for lunch. So, like any parent, I went through the drive thru at Mickey D's and got us all kids meals.

I think a good time was had by all and Shelly got the walls of her bedroom painted while we were gone.

So, I had fun practicing to be a mommy. I figure that practice makes perfect so I'd better practice a lot.

Hope your weekend was fun.


Le laquet said...

Glad you had a good time - I love "good" zoos ... it's instant awe and wonder once you add children!
Your questions are up!

Christine said...

I remember the first time I took my two to the zoo on my own - I was afraid! :) But it turned out fine, and all three of us had fun.

It sounds like you will be a terrific mommy someday!

Meg said...

You're welcome to practice with my three kids any time!

I love the zoo. I've never been, as an adult, without the kids. I wonder what THAT would be like? LOL

GeeGuy said...

The best description I have heard of going from two kids to three is you move from a man to man to a zone.

Good job!