Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a series of shopping events

Last night I went shopping. I had a purpose, to buy shorts for our upcoming camping trip. Oh to be the sort that can shop for one item and leave it at that. I am not that type of shopper.

First, I had to have Nathan meet me at the mall because I left my next book of checks at home and had to pay a bill at work with my last one. So he and dad drove up to the mall to meet me for dinner, which I paid for.

Then, after parting company, I headed to my favorite store, CJ Banks. Between the food court and CJ Banks sits Bath and Body Works. Since I was working on finishing my butterscotch dipped cone and I knew I couldn't enter my favorite clothes store with it, I ducked into B&BW.

There, I found my favorite body wash (Tutti Dulci Lemon Meringue) on sale for half price. Oh joy of joys!

I bought two.

Total, not including dinner, $12.

Ice cream cone finished I head downstairs to CJ Banks. I am sad to say that they did not have shorts. Well, they had one style that was cute but also not on sale. I don't buy anything there that isn't on sale. I can't afford their regular prices. So no shorts.

Disappointed, I walked out and what do I see across the way but Hallmark. I had been going through my stash of cards last week and had noticed it was thin. So into Hallmark I go.

Now, I know what you are thinking. How much trouble can you get into in a card store.

A lot.

I found 14 Fresh Ink cards that I just had to have (and I even put some back, be proud of me!). Some were perfect for hanging in my cube at work, others would just fit a friend or be a good one to keep on hand. 14.

Total at Hallmark, $24. Trip total, not including dinner, $36.

And you can't get out of that part of the mall without seeing and passing Borders. Because it had been a long time since I've been in a bookstore (and even longer since I've bought a book), I decided to stroll through on my way out.

In Borders I found the next Thursday Next novel which I've been waiting for, and a cute little stamp kit that was on sale.

Total at Borders, $16. Trip total, not including dinner, $52

And I didn't even have shorts yet.

Due to the fact that I was still without shorts, and the fact that I wasn't ready to head home, I left the mall and went to Wally World. There are few better places to kill time than at a Walmart. Thankfully, they had shorts. Cute shorts, shorts in many styles, shorts on sale, shorts that fit and came with belts. Even a pair of pink shorts!

I found four pairs that fit my need. I was very good at Walmart and did not buy any movies, stationery, candy, bird food or any of the other items I thought about. Just the shorts.

Total at Walmart, $32. Trip total, not including dinner, $84.

How is it I can intend to shop for one item, spend less that $40 and yet come home with four bags full of stuff is beyond me. Had I skipped dinner and gone to Walmart first, I might have saved myself 50 some bucks.

I think I need Shoppers Anon.


Vocal Violinist said...

Very cute blog! It made me remember of how easy and fun shopping in the United States is. I have one pair of stained shorts that I have been trying to get by on, for the past two years since being here. I so wish I could go shopping at Walmart and the real American Mall. So please, enjoy it for me. I only have one year left (providing that we actually move back state side next). I promise to blog soon. My sister leaves Saturday and I will be a little more free. Lot's of crazy things happening over here.
Ciao, ciao

Sara said...

tell me what kind you want and what size and I'll send you a pair :)