Tuesday, July 05, 2005

and that's the reason why

I try to keep my posts here fun, thoughtful or full of ranting. Today I have a story that may rival Miss Pottenger's menthol story.

There is usually a good reason why I do or don't do things. The hardest one to explain is the "sixth sense" reason, but it is usually the best reason of all.

Case in point.

I have a rule that I don't light the outdoor grill. I don't. Ever since the click starter broke and it has to be lit manually, I don't do it. My father and brother make fun of me. They complain when I make them light the thing. I don't mind cooking on it, but I just don't light it.

But yesterday, I broke my own rule. Dad and Nathan were working on making a screen door for the back bedroom (a whole other story) and neither were in the best of moods, so I decided that if steaks were going to be cooked it would up to me.

So, I went out back, turned the little knob to light and leaned down to fit the lighter into the small whole under the grill and snap.

Next thing I knew I have charcoaled pine needles in my hair and I'm pretty sure I singed a few of the hairs in my eyebrows (nothing serious, but they were a bit rough). The top of my lip stung pretty bad, too.

After making sure I wasn't on fire, I went back in the house, tossed the lighter back to it's place on the stove and went to the bathroom to asses the damage. I had to wash my hair to get the lingering scent of burnt pine needles out.

And I renewed my vow not to light that grill again.

I still haven't figured out why we have burnt pine needles on the charcoal in the grill anyhow, but we do... and they flew.

Yeah, that's what sort of punishment I get when I don't listen to my sixth sense. Any fun stories out there about what happens to you when you ignore that feeling in your gut??

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Christine said...

Ouch!!! I'm so glad you're okay! Sounds like a very good rule - in fact after that story I think I will adopt it as well!