Sunday, March 19, 2006

in those dark days

Welcome to my first blogging for books attempt. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but due to technical difficulties (mostly, I could never find the site or get the email to actually know the topic, but I digress). This month the topic is the military.

As I thought of what, exactly, I wanted to write about, many ideas came to mind. Yes, I live in a military town. We have the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Shriever and Peterson. And yes, I see military all the time. I have friends and relatives in the military or retired from the military. I’m rather patriotic and I admire deeply those who serve. I even cry every Christmas when they air the Toys for Tots commercials where the kid asks the marine if he is Santa and the marine silently takes the child’s wish list. Yeah, tear jerker that one is!

Yet as I pondered what to write about, only one thing kept popping back with any real sticking power. My grandfather.

My grandfather served in the Navy in World War II. I didn’t know this until long after he had passed away. For years, I thought of my grandfather (who died when I was 14) as a grumpy old man who didn’t like his grandkids. See, he was getting older, he had health issues and every time we were around him, he insisted on no noise and no fun.

Then recently, as I flipped through so old photos, I saw my grandpa feeding squirrels and I remembered he used to do that with Vicky and I. Then I remembered that he made wind chimes and let me wear his big boots when I was just a little girl (they came up to my hips). Then I learned he was in the Navy and served during the war.

I think sometimes about what sort of sailor my grandfather was. I wonder what sort of combat he saw, if he lost friends. These are things I won’t get to know because my grandfather, like most WWII vets, has passed on.

I think of my grandma, waiting at home to marry her sweetheart. They married in 1945. I have the quilt my great-grandmother made as a wedding gift. Did my grandma find the same man come home that had left her? Probably not. I don’t think any person who serves in war comes home the same. It’s an experience that changes, that imprints on you. I’ve seen enough stories about war to know that.

I’m proud to know my grandpa served our country, I’m proud to know he did his part to secure our way of life. It has helped me change my view of my grandpa, to see him as the whole person he was, and not just a cranky old man who didn’t like kids. I hope that the scars weren’t too deep and that he had enough love in his life to ease any painful memories.

I’m proud of my grandpa, proud of all the boys who went to war in those dark days. I’m proud of all the men and women who serve today, fighting for freedom and liberty. I’m reminded that every person in our military, no matter their reason for being there, is there to do a job and they do it well. And thousands around the world owe a debt of gratitude to our fine boys (and now girls, too).

I salute my grandpa, and all those who serve. Thank you.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

floating through the air

I had several post topics come to me this week. Wonderful, witty and reflective types.

And can I remember a single one this morning? NO.

Oh well.

In lieu of that, I give you some random reflections on life.

* I have a co-worker who reminds me of a grown, white Urcle (the nerd kid, remember). While the voice isn't quite so bad, his mannerism and dress style are. He also is very nervous. Three times this week I ended up walking behind him in the hall, and each time he stopped and turned round to see who was behind him. It cracks me up.

* I am still waiting on my order from bareMinerals. I sent the check in February, they cashed it on Feb 21, and I still have no makeup. I think this will be my last order from them. They are slow and unfocused when it comes to shipping out orders, but quick to take your money. I found a webshop that has mineral makeup for much less. I'll try them out soon (I already bought brushes from her at less than 1/2 the price BM sells them, and it's the same exact brush!). Plus the webshop has a slightly better color selection, they have a light olive. Turns out I have light olive skin. We don't know where I get it from, but I have it none the less.

* Dad doesn't have a vehicle that works, so he is driving mine. And since gas shot up 20 cents overnight, that's a problem. Hope he can help refill my tank!

* Last night I went to Old C's with some gals from work. I've never been much for socializing with my co-workers, but there are a few that I actually like. It was fun. I also had a Midori Sour, which I love but rarely indulge in. Mostly because Old C's bought my dinner because it was two minutes late (and the manager asked if he could buy it for me, like I was going to say no!). I ate way too much but it was good.

* Vicky has the giggles this morning. I'm so thankful we got her off that drug that was literally drugging her. This is the sister I know and love.

* My cat, Watson, is driving me up a wall. He's lonely and I know the vet would say to get him a friend, but I don't want any more animals. I do very much want some kitty Valium to calm my cat down as I can't stand to be home with him. He meows constantly and it grates on my nerves. I need peace!!!

Okay, that's about it for today. A small glimpse into my world. Don't be frightened!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I was feeling a bit guilty about not updating recently despite my hectic week. Then I went to do a quick round of visits to blogs I like and found no one has been updating, so I don't feel so bad.

Anywho, my dad finally got moved up to WY and the house is strangely empty. I need to finish up my PC application and submit it soon on top of everything else. And I'm still producing at church for the next few weeks. Looks like the year has no plans to slow down.


Have to keep this short, I need to be in bed by 10 and there is so much to do.

Hope you are all having wonderful, fun filled weeks... post soon!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

as requested

A post, just for all you wonderful readers out there. I've been wanting to post all week, but life got the better of me (and I was sick with a weird digestive ailment for two days on top of everything else). But I'm back, and since I'm still awake, you get something to read.

Update on the care package to Kate, the Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania. She got it today, everything arrived safe and sound, for which me and my pocketbook are eternally grateful for! Here is an excerpt from her email to me this morning:

I got your package this morning and the first thing I thought when I opened it was, "this girl's sent a care package or two before". You're amazing! The kids will be overjoyed with the pencils, as I will be with the mac and cheese and the girly stuff! You're the best. Thank you so much.

So that made my Friday start off well. It's fun to do nice things for people, especially when you haven't really met (we've only emailed). The whole idea that the more you give the more you get has always seemed a bit selfish to me, I like to think it's just better and more fun to give. I'm a sucker for it! And for the record, the girly stuff was a new bath pouf, two small trial sized body washes, and some serious hair conditioner (since she mentioned in one letter home that her hair was a wreck and wouldn't behave). So if you are ever working in a developing nation or just really far from home, let me know, I'd love to send you a care package!

Okay, other than that, I've been keeping busy at work and we are waiting on the diagnosis for Vicky (which comes Monday). I'll post here about that to fill in everyone Monday if there is anything to fill in.

Okay, it's after 1 am and I should be in bed about now (really, I should have been in bed hours ago, but I had stuff to do for church and once started, it is simpler to finish no matter how late). Dad is already snoring away. Speaking of him, he is finally moving!!! The movers come Tuesday, which means I have more stuff to do around here. Unless, of course, I want all my stuff to disappear to WY!

Night now.