Wednesday, July 20, 2005

hot, hot, hot

I'm talking about the weather, what else would I be talking about?

It's hot tonight. I should have known it wouldn't cool down when the bank sign was still reporting 91 degrees at 8:30 PM. That is just not normal. Not for Colorado Springs at least.

I finished training tonight for the tutoring. If all goes well I'll meet with my learner on Friday. If not, I'll give her one more chance and then on to the next one. I don't want to be hasty, but with over 40 people waiting for a tutor it's a game of you snooze you lose. This gal sounds really sweet and motivated so I'm praying it works out.

Speaking of working out, there is more in life that I'm watching to see how it works out. The whole peace corp thing is really stirring in me. If I had $8000 to cover everything in my life, I'd sign up today. I've been blindsided by confirmations yet it's not quite time. Hate that.

Okay, I'm really on the computer to send myself my novel so I can print it tomorrow at work. I'm meeting with Sarah tomorrow and she is one of my first readers and I told her I'd have a copy ready. That means I actually should write the last 1000 words or so but we'll see if that happens. Things have been so busy lately that I'm not always sure if I'm coming or going. Crazy.

Hope you are keeping cool somewhere in the world tonight.

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Tara said...

It is hot, hot, HOT here too in the Dallas area (wiping the sweat off my forehead) LOL.

Take care!