Monday, May 02, 2005

the duality

I've been struggling, as some of you know, with the concept of duality. How we are sometimes called to play two different roles at the same time. Often, these roles are in opposition to each other, or don't seem to go together.

There is the Princess/Warrior, the Friend/Advisor, the Steady Hand/Catalyst, all different roles that seem to be required in a strange co-existence. Throw in the spiritual side of things (and that duality in and of itself, Spiritual/Physical) and you have for a rough ride.

I'm re-reading Lewis's Space Trilogy, a series that has always fascinated me. Every time I read it, I am made wiser, as the Lady would say. I sometimes think I should avoid reading them because then I won't have to learn, but I'm drawn to them. Learning is not always a fun thing to do.

So, do any of you struggle with duality? Any other split personalities out there? How do you cope with opposing "hats"?

Time to clean up and go to bed and spend some time musing over this in my head.

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