Wednesday, April 27, 2005

paint fumes

My lead painter injured her leg this week and that throws her out of the running for Paint Queen. Dara and I, as Paint Princesses, must step up to the plate. That means I'll be spending lots and LOTS of time at church over the next two weeks. More than normal, I mean.

My new position has been put off a week because the department director can't take a hour to listen to the proposal. Granted, he made time to come the Sexual Harassment Awareness Training that he had ALREADY taken, but he can't take a little hour to make the world a nicer place. Did I mention the training was four hours long?

I suppose I can hang in there one more week, but two weeks ago I had myself set to hang on for two weeks, and now I'm pretty much out of rope. I don't want another week of dialer and hang ups and people who don't pull their share. But such is life. I'm thinking of moving to Italy because I'm sure things like this don't happen in lovely villas in Italy.

And then I'll wake up, screaming.

Have a good one!

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Vocal Violinist said...

I feel for you girl. I totally understand about the moving to Italy part. Personally, I already am making plans to retire there as soon as I can find the place I want. :)

So what else is new with you? They sure are taking their sweet time to get you into that position! All I know is that I'll be traveling for the next 2 weeks (check my blog for upcoming pics and ramblings about the hazards of travel in Europe). So they better have you in that new position by the time I get back. If not, you give me a couple names and addresses and I'll write some letters. I have the time!
Hope all is going well with you. Great Blogs. Keep up the good work.
Ciao, Ciao