Friday, May 13, 2005

the peanut gallery

Wow, four whole comments. I'm feeling special. So, in tonight's post part one, I'm going to respond!

Emily from
Vocal Violinist said: Wow! I'm so excited for you! It's about time they finally got this position set for you! Your Dad's place sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the comment. I'm off to Koln today.Ciao, Ciao

Slinky Girl Responds: Thank you, Em! I know you have been praying with me on this for a while. After week one I'm happy to report that job wise, things are going well. I come home at the end of the day feeling that I've accomplished something, and the day flies by! Haven't heard any more about dad and his job, but I'm sitting tight. I know you've been having fun running around Europe, and I'm enjoying hearing about it.

John from
The Sound of Muzik said: I always have to find out these things on your blog...

Slinky Girl Responds: Of course, because we didn't have WA on Tuesday and you weren't there last week and the week before, oh, bother. Not to mention that I shared it in the Saturday night service that we did the week after the snow storm. If you actually came to church :) That said, to set the record straight, John comes to church regularly and he helps lead worship and he's very good at it. I very much appreciate his view on the world so check out his blog!

Miss Pottenger from
Dating the Tooth Fairy said: Have you been spying me? I'm looking at your list of previous posts, and you have one called "the art of keeping secrets." I have a poem titled "The Art of Swallowing Your Secret." I suppose it could be that parallel minds thing we seem to have, but being spied on is so more exciting.

Slinky Girl Responds: Hee hee hee! The funny thing is I have not read said poem. Of course, this is the moment we should both freak out and realize that we know each other too well for our own good, but we won't because it's nice to know we as individuals aren't the only weird ones out there. If I had the time, you know I would spy on you (if just to get research for the next great novel we will both write), but I haven't the time. Now, about that poem, I want to read it!!

Sammy from
licketysplit said: Just stopping by to say 'hi'...nice blog you have here! I'll be back!

Slinky Girl Responds: Thank you! I am enjoying your blog as well, it's wonderful. I'm laughing even now at your chocolate and hair cutting post. I'm sending Miss Pottenger over right away since I know she will need to read the most recent post about Barbie in a black veil. I'll be adding your site to my must reads. Hello from this side of the ocean!

Well, that's about it. Now go, read each the blogs I put links to. I've just discovered how to link (and no smart comments, I don't have time to play with blogger often so I'm a wee bit slow!) and I want to help you all get readers just like Muzikdude helped me. Granted, then I ran off and started this blog, but I'm keeping up.

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