Monday, May 23, 2005

blogging a few words while sitting in my room drinking gatorade

(pre-script: how do you like the color? I wanted some kick and the orange seems to go well. Give me your feedback in comments!)

How's that for a title? My poetry teacher from college would have loved it. It's long without actually telling you a bit about what is coming after.

Dara took me out for my birthday tonight. Yes, I know, my birthday was last month, but don't tell Dara. It would ruin her world. Ok, honestly, Dara is well aware of when my birthday is. We were both just a tad busy then and she couldn't decide what to get me until a month later and then we had to finish the play. So, we went out tonight for dinner and a movie.

I'm not sure which was tastier!

Had Red Robin (bad me, I went there yesterday, but I'm hooked on their summer Watermelon Limeade) and then watched Kingdom of Heaven. Should not have drank four of the aforementioned drinks at dinner, knowing that I was going to the movies, but I did. And I only missed like three or four minutes of "conversation". Bloom proved that he can carry a movie as long as he does more acting than talking. I'm a sucker for the noble, seeking forgiveness sort of guy. Granted he sleeps with another guy's wife and THEN gets a case of morals, but at least he developed it at some point!! The soundtrack was great and it's one I'll be buying as soon as it's out.

Other than that, the day was almost a total waste. My Monday's are torn up so much at work that I don't actually accomplish anything. Throw in a thirty minute phone call from one very sweet but scattered sponsor/volunteer, and there was not hope in saving the rest of the afternoon!

I'm all excited because Travis, one of the guys from drama at church, is getting together a bunch of creative type of people to work on creative type projects this summer. Something I've tried in the past but never had the momentum to actually get anything done. Travis, on the other hand, is driven and can get others to move their feet. Even if nothing really comes from it, spending time around creative people who are busy being creative is always fun.

Well, I'd better get to my book and then to bed. If I don't finish reading the third book in the Space Triolgy how on earth will I be ready to start with the first one in a few weeks with Dara and Sarah??

Go back asleep, dear reader, go back asleep.


The Complimenting Commenter said...

First, I think the color is good and goes with the theme colors already in place. Second, good review of the movie. Overall, very interesting post. Well done.

Sara said...

thank you for leaving such a nice comment :) I would visit your site but there wasn't one on your profile. So, I'll just have to say here, thanks for stopping by!