Tuesday, May 24, 2005

a change in the wind

Life is full of changes. You can't help but change a little every day, a lot in a year, and so much in a lifetime. That's part of life. Like death, you can't escape it.

I'm pretty sure the wind in my life is starting to change. Like Mary Poppins, I can sense it coming. I only wish I had a magic umbrella to wisk me off to the next place. But I don't. My path is a bit harder since I have to be still and listen for directions and then do my best to follow. I'm glad I can sense that the change is coming, yet it's hard to handle sometimes. I know change is on the way, but when, how, who? I like answers to questions, I like to see all the pieces. I'm one of the weird ones who need details and the big picture. Half is not an option. But half is all I usually get. No wonder I'm a tad pyscho!

Had a wonderfully challenging conversation with a dear friend tonight. Kayla is going through a lot right now as well, changing and growing. We aren't growing really in the same direction but in the same ways. So while circumstances are different, the struggles are similar. There is little I enjoy so fully as great conversations. Ones that move thought to action and ideas into reality. I'm thankful for my friends who engage in this sort of communication with me. I don't know where exactly I would be without them, but I'm sure it would be no place to write home about.

It's getting late and I'm a bit tired. Can't wait until I catch up on my sleep. Good news is I'm not producing at church this weekend (I would have happily done so since I enjoy producing, but Louise is moving in two weeks and wanted one last chance to boss everyone around!) so that means a weekend free. I think I'm going to head up to Muller for some God-n-me time. Nothing like spending time in His creation to draw close to Him!

Sleep well, my dear reader, may all your dreams be beautiful tonight.


MommaK said...

I crave change like an illegal drug, but thats just me;-) Thanks for coming by last night. I would love to get to know you better too. Be back soon.

void said...

Thanx for the visit and comments, Sara. Good friends ARE a blessing. ;)