Friday, April 22, 2005

hit fast forward, please

I love anticipation. The idea of looking forward to something is nice. Bright spot and all that.

But I don't like waiting. When you've been in the cess pool for years, and you know that a nice clean swimming pool is just around the corner, makes you want to run as fast as your stubby legs will carry you. However, time only moves so fast and sometimes, it drags. This week it has been dragging in the most cruel sort of way.

I was even thinking "isn't there some way I could end up needing to take medical leave for a week?" Honestly, people should not be put in situations where they have to think like this! I want time to start flying and for May to get here. I love April, but I'm singing "Fare Thee Well" right about now!

I had a dream last night that for it was Wednesday (any old Wednesday) and for chapel they stuck me on a plane to Peru. I got to see all my kids but we had to go to their homes and I kept getting lost in the hills. Crazy dream!

The play opens in four weeks! Should be good, be sure to get your tickets early and often!


Vocal Violinist said...

Ahh, yes the fast forward button. I haven't found mine yet, but when I do I'll let you know. I am also looking for the rewind button! So many times in life , when I want to speed ahead to the new fun thing I'm waiting for, I am reminded of the story of the little boy who could pull a string and make any challenging or difficult parts of his life, fly by and move onto the exciting parts. I am sure you are already aware of waht I'm about to say, but hey, this is an honest blog, so here goes....
Those difficult times are what makes the good times so wonderful! Plus there's all that great character to be built! At one point in my life I was so down in the dumps (It was pretty bad) that I felt as though I would explode, if one more person told me that I was building great Character! :)

I am praying for you and for all the great things God has in store for you. Life can seem pretty dismal at times, believe me I know. But I'm not sure any human being is able to escape it. It's just part of our growing and our growing in the Lord.
Love ya much,

Sara said...

I've got enough character!! Time to move on to the next thing :)

Vocal Violinist said...

My feelings exactly!