Tuesday, November 01, 2005

third time's a charm

Cross your fingers, hold your breath and pray that this works.

I tried updating Sunday night and Monday night to no avail. And both times Blogger lost my post (what happened to autosave?) and I forgot what every wonderful witty report that I created so I have to start from scratch.

Sorry, water is boiling, time to make the tea...

Okay, tea is steeping. So, I went to WY this weekend and painted. We got the master suite done (bath, hallway/sink area and room). Not as much as we hoped for but the paint wasn't as easy as Dad thought it would be (thick and temperamental) and it required two coats. I'll be going back up in two weeks to do more. The sooner we get it painted the sooner he can move!

I'm in love with this new tea company, Adagio Tea. Loose leaf tea is the way to go, and now that I'm there, I can't see going back. Let me know if you want a $5 gift certificate to give them a try.

Panera opened in the last few days so I stopped there for supper (and breakfast, I got a bagel and cream cheese for the morning!). Their soups are pretty good and I love the bagels.

So, I should be writing on my novel. This lovely set of words won't count. So I'll be going now. Have a lovely evening. Wish the muse in my direction!!

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