Thursday, November 03, 2005

lost bunnies and time-shifting thoughts

Why is it that I spent a month in utter anticipation to start writing and now that November is here I want to write every story BUT the one I picked? I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm writing my story about Jacob and Rachel and Leah. I just think that the 6000+ words I've written thus far may hit the scrap heap upon the first rewrite. It's a lot backstory that I don't need but I have to write it to know where I'm coming from. Once I get them all married things should pick up. And it's fun to see them developing. Just not as gung ho as I thought I was a month ago.

So, you ask, what on earth is the title of this post about? Well, the other night while driving down Powers, I stopped at the light at Constitution. And what do I see in front of my car? A little rabbit, in the middle of the street, making like the wind for the island where the light pole stands. I could tell the poor animal was scared out of his wits. He wanted to cross the right turn lane but lots of cars kept coming. I so wanted to get out of the car and pick the poor thing up and bring him home. (How many poors is that?) If I thought I could have snagged him before the light changed I would have. Alas, alack, I couldn't.

And the time-shifting... well. Again, driving, this time, downtown. I look down a side street and I see this fountain like structure in the middle of the next intersection. I have NEVER seen this structure before and wonder how on earth I've missed it. So out comes this story idea about a woman who can see structures from the past but she is in the present. Something to do with real time and God's time and how the two overlap and time isn't linear and all that jazz. I want to explore this but alas, alack, I have another story that demands my attention this month.

Well, it's about bed time and I need some major sleep. Tomorrow night I'm taking my buddy Jake to a hockey game. I'm sure he'll teach me all sorts of stuff that I will promptly forget as soon as I get home, but hey, you are only eight once. The kid should be spoiled by me and that is just what I plan to do.

Goodnight, sweet void.


Vocal Violinist said...

Jacob, Rachel and Leah? Cool! I want to read it!

sarah said...

I finished my 50000 words last night, however my story is not even close to being done.