Monday, November 14, 2005

evil toyotas

So I'm driving to work this morning, moving along at a nice pace, when the road narrows down to two lanes. Usually not a problem as there is less traffic. But this gold Toyota truck pulls in front of me and starts slowing down for no apparent reason. Thinking he might be getting ready to pull into the turn lane, I wait. Then I notice he is not turning and other cars are pulling in ahead of him. He's just going slow.

I pull around him, and continue on. Not two minutes later, I meet up with another gold Toyota, same looking truck except this one has a support our troops sticker on it. And this one is also going slower than molasses. I go to move around him when first truck pulls up and boxes me in.

Neither one would hit the speed limit and they held up me and half the town driving all the way down Powers.

Darn Toyota drivers (with apologizes to my sister, who drives a silver Toyota truck).

Anywho. Crazy weekend of painting and not much writing. I'm not behind on words just yet but I no longer have my five day margin I was trying to keep.

But I have yummy tea to keep me typing away.

Now it's time to cook dinner, then back to the keyboard for more words. Need to hit at least 2500 tonight to make up for the sad 1500 I did this weekend (that's over 3 days!).

May the road angels smile on you and keep the evil drivers away.

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