Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm a winner

Yes, a winner. Cheers, applause, money thrown in my general direction, all is accepted here. It took some creative juice to finish a story I hate and validate my word count but I did and it's over and I never have to see that horrid story again.

And now that I've said all that, did I mention I'm a winner?

What this really means for all of you is that you get me back here at the Slinky, ranting and raving, rather than writing about whinny characters (Rachel) and having others cry all the time (wait, that's Rachel again, and sometimes Leah). Anywho, I'm done with that novel, back to writing lovely witty and funny blog posts.

In store for you this month I have a holiday rant (or two, or maybe more), a theory about stupidity, I'm sure I'll have a review of the new Narnia movie (can't wait, can't wait) and who knows what else. I've been saving up my ideas because I was either too tired after writing on my novel (which is done, by the way) or too tired from painting to type them up. But don't fear, the fun loving writer you know is back.

Now if I could just find some Valium (note this is a trademarked name, thus the capital letter) to give to the cat...

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Vocal Violinist said...

Welcome back! So glad it's finally over! I know I've missed you! :)