Thursday, October 27, 2005

painting dreams

This weekend I get to paint.


Dad has a new house that needs painting and since I'm the resident painter, I get the job. So this weekend I get to drive up to WY to paint all weekend. So much for enjoying my hour that we get back this weekend.

It also means that I get to drive to WY in the middle of the night with Vicky. Joy of all joys.

Painting is not my idea of a way to spend a weekend, but if it gets dad moved into his house, then I'm up for it.

So, who wants to feed my cat this weekend??


Vocal Violinist said...

I would, but that ocean would take me to long to get there and your cats would starve. :)
Seriously, though, I'll be praying for you. Hopefully the weekend won't prove too stressful.
Thanks for the update!

Le laquet said...

sorry, allergies prevent this! could your father not hire a painter and decorator to leave you free to "carouse" all weekend?

Sara said...

I am the painter and decorator :) And since the quicker we get his new house ready the sooner he will move out of the one I'm living in, so I'm all for helping him get moved. It wasn't that bad, but we didn't get as much done as we hoped. That means going back when I have a free weekend!

Vocal Violinist said...

Ok, so how was the weekend? Update please?