Saturday, June 25, 2005

what I meant to say

So, Father's Day came and went. I had wanted to post something wonderful about my dad. Instead, I spent much of the day hanging out with him. Since that didn't work out (to post) then, I decided to say something about him now.

As far as dad's go, I've got a great one. While I haven't always agreed with him there has never ever been a doubt in my mind or heart that he loves me. I remember a camping trip with my youth group while in junior high. It was me, another gal, one of the guys and the youth leader and his wife (small church, what can I say). We were having some problems with tents and fires and whatnot. I made the comment that "I wish my dad were here, he could fix everything." I'm a Daddy's Girl to the core.

Growing up, my dad provided some stability in contrast to the world my mother presented. I won't go into it, but dad stuck around for us kids. When my parents divorced, I called my dad in tears and asked if he had found an apartment and was there enough room for me. He told me later that he knew things would be okay because his kids still loved him and would choose him

When I had used my last dollar from my college account and still had a year and a half left to finish my degree, dad was there to help out. I recall I was in tears that time as well because I didn't know how I was going to pay for school. Thanks to my dad's parents and dad, I graduated with no school debt.

While I've done some not so smart things in life, my dad has always been there to help me crawl out, give me guidance if asked and love me no matter what. Yes, we have our differences. Living with him drives me up the wall. But I love him and he loves me.

My dad has set a great example for his kids, has given me roots and wings and everything else a father could hope to pass on to his children. A good head on my shoulders, a sense of purpose, kindness, world smarts and a lot of other things that would take too long to list.

Yes, I have a wonderful dad. I'm so very very very thankful that he is mine. Even if I have to share with Vicky, Carin and Nathan, he's still my dear ol' dad.

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