Saturday, June 04, 2005

I had a dream

It's a fact, we all dream. Yes, even you who swear on your mother's grave, you have dreams too. It's just that some people are better at remembering them. I took a class in college on Dream Analysis and the Psychology of Dreams. It was pretty cool. We learned how to help people analyze their dreams and figure out if they meant something or not (not all dreams do). I'm one of those people who dream very vividly and I tend to remember a lot of my dreams. I attribute this to the fact that I'm somewhat of an insomniac (poor sleep, not no sleep) and I wake often. The most likely chance of remember a dream is waking during or right after a REM cycle. I wake during these often so I have pretty good access to my dreams.

So, last night, I have this dream about being sent to Peru for work. Not a highly odd topic seeing as I love Peru, I've been there twice, it's one of our countries, etc. Anyway, I was at work, it was 5 in the evening, and I had to be at the airport by 5:30 with my bags, which I supposedly had already packed. But when I checked I only had my purse and some clothes. So I'm frantically calling my dad to have him bring my Teva's (won't leave the country without them) and then I realize I have no camera, no film, no memory cards. This is a huge tragedy, especially when I realize that I don't live with my dad anymore and he can't get into my new home. By this time, it's almost 5:30 and I'm still at work and remembering the must have items that I don't have for a trip.

I woke up with a panic and had to check and make sure my Teva's were in my room. This is a bad side effect of vivid dreams that you remember, you sometimes have trouble knowing what is real and what was dream. I've woken up to check on things I couldn't find in dreams, to check that I really do have a book or movie or something. Then there is the whole problem of remembering a conversation from a dream and expecting the other person to know about it (because I don't recall that it was a dream and not real life).

I know, I'm weird, but that's me. So, what is a dream you've had lately? Anything fun, exciting, scary? I'll tell you all later about the nightmare I had so frequently when I was growing up that I'm still sure that someday, it will play out in real life. I remember it perfectly. It no longer scares me, but it confirms that my imagination has far too much material to work with!

Good night, may your dreams be sweet tonight!


Lisa Ganda said...

To this day I still can't believe this was a dream...I believed it real for a couple of years.

About 10 years ago I could have sworn my mom called me and told me that some friends of the family started a new business raising "cabbits." She explained that they are a cross between a cat and a rabbit, are sterile because of the cross-specie mating and raised to be pets.

Sara said...

Sounds real enought to me! Thanks for stopping by :)

birdwoman said...

I hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night convinced a dream is real, and you can't get back to sleep. Really ticks me off.