Thursday, June 02, 2005

in the event...

Hi there. It's been a while. Sorry. I think I took myself too seriously when I said I would relax when the play was over. I've done some good vegging the last week or so. But now I'm back.

Emily asked for some photos of me. So, below are a few from my February trip to Peru. I prefer being behind the camera and not in front, so I don't often have photos of me. Enjoy.

As for the rest of life, I'm trying to catch up on movies, books and sleep. I'm doing well in the first two, the third, well, there is always death for that one.

Looks like the move is a pretty sure thing. As soon as the VP approves it (and with HR and three managers support, he better approve it), then things can get going. I told dad my reasons for wanting to move again so he understands why I'm anxious and that's nice. I'm weird when it comes to things like that. I didn't really want to tell dad my reasons, but I needed him to know. Thankful, my dad is one of the most understanding and caring people this earth has. I'm a lucky girl, really.

So, enjoy the photos. Hope they make up for me being MIA for a week. I'll try not to let it happen again. My toaster oven just went ding so dinner is ready. Better go!

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Vocal Violinist said...

Absolutly outstanding! Thanks so much for the pics! They are fabu! What a bunch of cuties! Hope you are able to start getting some of the sleep soon.
keep the great blogs coming.
Ciao, Ciao