Saturday, March 04, 2006

as requested

A post, just for all you wonderful readers out there. I've been wanting to post all week, but life got the better of me (and I was sick with a weird digestive ailment for two days on top of everything else). But I'm back, and since I'm still awake, you get something to read.

Update on the care package to Kate, the Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania. She got it today, everything arrived safe and sound, for which me and my pocketbook are eternally grateful for! Here is an excerpt from her email to me this morning:

I got your package this morning and the first thing I thought when I opened it was, "this girl's sent a care package or two before". You're amazing! The kids will be overjoyed with the pencils, as I will be with the mac and cheese and the girly stuff! You're the best. Thank you so much.

So that made my Friday start off well. It's fun to do nice things for people, especially when you haven't really met (we've only emailed). The whole idea that the more you give the more you get has always seemed a bit selfish to me, I like to think it's just better and more fun to give. I'm a sucker for it! And for the record, the girly stuff was a new bath pouf, two small trial sized body washes, and some serious hair conditioner (since she mentioned in one letter home that her hair was a wreck and wouldn't behave). So if you are ever working in a developing nation or just really far from home, let me know, I'd love to send you a care package!

Okay, other than that, I've been keeping busy at work and we are waiting on the diagnosis for Vicky (which comes Monday). I'll post here about that to fill in everyone Monday if there is anything to fill in.

Okay, it's after 1 am and I should be in bed about now (really, I should have been in bed hours ago, but I had stuff to do for church and once started, it is simpler to finish no matter how late). Dad is already snoring away. Speaking of him, he is finally moving!!! The movers come Tuesday, which means I have more stuff to do around here. Unless, of course, I want all my stuff to disappear to WY!

Night now.

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