Wednesday, February 15, 2006

so nice

I did a good deed today (which helped me out greatly since my boss decided tonight that I was being a snob, this was my redeeming grace).

When Kate, the gal who is in the Peace Corps in Tanzania, emailed to say the kids love pencils, please send some if you get the urge to do so, I did. I had tried to get her a little something put together at Christmas but failed, so I had two or three other things to send including a few boxes of Mac & Cheese, a bottle of serious hair conditioner and some bottles of body wash, along with a pouf and a Christmas stocking. So this weekend, I go out and buy 5 boxes of pencils for a $1 each and added them to the box.

I finally got around to mailing it this morning.

Turns out mail to Tanzania is NOT cheap.

Twenty-seven dollars not cheap. Almost twenty-eight.

I almost passed out.

But then I remembered the way a child lights up when they get a gift. I saw the faces of the beautiful Tanzanian children that Kate sends and I knew it was worth every red cent to send them the pencils (and Kate the other goodies). I hope they make it there safely.

So, I did my good deed today. Did you??


Anonymous said...

hmmm, I'm not sure what I've done lately for a good deed, but I sure understand the price of international mail. It stinks doesn't it? It's even expensive to mail stuff from here to Italy, even though, it's not as far away as say California to New York! Craziness!

Christine said...

Does saving the last piece of cake for my hubby count as a good deed? Oh it's hard looking at that piece of cake! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok time for a new entry! Anything please! We know you are hiding with wonderful tidbits of your weekend, only you have slunk away and made us all feel as though we are missing out! :)

Sara, thanks for the fun comment on my blog. If you go back and check you will find I did fix my spelling.:)