Saturday, March 18, 2006

floating through the air

I had several post topics come to me this week. Wonderful, witty and reflective types.

And can I remember a single one this morning? NO.

Oh well.

In lieu of that, I give you some random reflections on life.

* I have a co-worker who reminds me of a grown, white Urcle (the nerd kid, remember). While the voice isn't quite so bad, his mannerism and dress style are. He also is very nervous. Three times this week I ended up walking behind him in the hall, and each time he stopped and turned round to see who was behind him. It cracks me up.

* I am still waiting on my order from bareMinerals. I sent the check in February, they cashed it on Feb 21, and I still have no makeup. I think this will be my last order from them. They are slow and unfocused when it comes to shipping out orders, but quick to take your money. I found a webshop that has mineral makeup for much less. I'll try them out soon (I already bought brushes from her at less than 1/2 the price BM sells them, and it's the same exact brush!). Plus the webshop has a slightly better color selection, they have a light olive. Turns out I have light olive skin. We don't know where I get it from, but I have it none the less.

* Dad doesn't have a vehicle that works, so he is driving mine. And since gas shot up 20 cents overnight, that's a problem. Hope he can help refill my tank!

* Last night I went to Old C's with some gals from work. I've never been much for socializing with my co-workers, but there are a few that I actually like. It was fun. I also had a Midori Sour, which I love but rarely indulge in. Mostly because Old C's bought my dinner because it was two minutes late (and the manager asked if he could buy it for me, like I was going to say no!). I ate way too much but it was good.

* Vicky has the giggles this morning. I'm so thankful we got her off that drug that was literally drugging her. This is the sister I know and love.

* My cat, Watson, is driving me up a wall. He's lonely and I know the vet would say to get him a friend, but I don't want any more animals. I do very much want some kitty Valium to calm my cat down as I can't stand to be home with him. He meows constantly and it grates on my nerves. I need peace!!!

Okay, that's about it for today. A small glimpse into my world. Don't be frightened!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! I love the random thoughts! These are real! I enjoyed them all! Soo happy to hear about better and better things for Vicky.
I'm in Florence right now. Here are a couple good views of what I'm seeing.