Thursday, January 05, 2006

a bit late

Happy New Year!

Yes, I made it to 2006 and I rung in the new year by reading a book. I took pause at midnight to wish my bird and my cat good tidings and then went back to reading.

I'm very sad to report that this year appears to be moving just as faster, or even faster, than 2005 did. I was praying that time would shift down a bit and take the leisurely path to the future, but no such luck. I've been working all week between watching Firefly (!!!!!) and the movies I got from Blockbuster Online (one month free thanks to Papa Johns, so I took it!). Anywho, yes, I'm still here.

I hope to update more often this year but I make no promises. My only resolution is to apply (and be accepted, of course) for Peace Corps. That entails a lot, like paying off my small amount of debt (which means working longer hours to make more money), getting into shape, getting things in order and so on. I'll likely be posting more here about that, so stay tuned.

Well, break is about over and the phones beckon (darn phones), so I'll say adieu for now.


Anonymous said...

Hey you,
Glad you are still there. Wow! Peace Corps! You go girl! That would be a great experience for you. I think that every American should live overseas for at least one year of their lives. It's so different when you live there and not just visiting.

Keep us updated! :)

Anonymous said...

So have you abandoned your blog? Which means you would have abandoned us? Your faithful readership? What has become of our our Once, faithful "Slinky Girl"?
Please come back to us! We are all waiting for the next entry! I beg of you!