Friday, December 30, 2005

peace and quiet

Well, Christmas is over and all through the house,
the only creatures stirring are my bird and my cat but no mouse.
The family has left, left me in peace!
The new year will start with the company of me.

It's lovely these days, with the gifts all taken
and the tv is silent, not a noise is it makin'.
I love my dear family, don't get me wrong,
but when we are all together its a dance and a song.
My soul longs for quiet, for stillness and rest,
and thankfully now I'm getting the best!

I hope your New Year comes in with a crash,
I'll likely be sleeping avoiding the bash.
Best wishes to you as you start
your next trip round the sun.
I hope it is full of joy and of fun.

I think I'll end this little poem about now.
Hope you enjoyed it, please tell me how!


Anonymous said...

Adorable Dear, simply adorable!
Glad you are gracing us with your presence once again. I had wondered where you had run off to. :)

Anonymous said...

Dost thou still write? Doest thou still keep a blog from time to time? Dost thou stil breath? I frettith and worrieth much!