Thursday, September 08, 2005

nowhere to hide

After years of cold dinners, rude awakenings on weekend mornings and people that didn't understand the word "NO", we finally put an end to telemarketers. I was so very happy when I added my name to the Colorado Do Not Call list, even more elated when a national list went into effect.

Finally we had quiet evenings and the phone didn't rule our days.

Then the spam started in earnest. Emails for everything that we never knew we needed.

Talk of a do not spam list make my head swim with glee.

I was starting to think we have put a stop to rude interruptions from total strangers.

Then I read the comment on my last post (which has been removed) that was left with no name and an ad for a home loan.

I thought maybe it was a fluke, until I saw a similar comment on Miss Pottenger's blog.

Now, I don't mind anyone reading my blog, and you all know that I love comments, but I am not interested in using my blog as free advertising space for those who refuse to leave their names (or for that matter, for anyone who just thinks free ad space is there for the taking.

So the offending comment has been removed. Whoever left it is welcome to visit here, read, and leave valid comments. But know that this is my space and if any product championing is going to take place it will be done by me.

I need my hiding space from the evil world of marketing, and this is it. Let's not lose this precious place.

Now, go leave some legitimate comments about what you dislike about telemarketers, spammers and other rude and invasive marketing personnel?


Vocal Violinist said...

I know what you mean and I'm glad you removed that looser! Frankly I'm a little worried to leave comments on a few new bloggers I know, because the telemarketers seem to have invaded these blogs! They haven't come to mine yet (knock on wood), but how dare they even think about it! Who honestly thinks they are going to sell anything, by making people mad! What idiots! My advise to them? Get a life and take some REAL advertising and marketing classes!

P.S. The one thing I do enjoy about living in Germany, is that we have no telemarketers. Once a year we get the Circus, a religous group and a children's school class asking for donations. That's it! Ok, Bofrost, but he's nice and has really good food!
But they all just go door to door. Nobody on the phone!

Le laquet said...

I live next door to a little old lady of 90+ who has to put a note on her glass porch saying "no cold-callers / junk mail Thankyou!" It all sucks!