Wednesday, February 08, 2006


You know the old adage... when it rains... well, that's life for the past few days.

Let me explain (pause) no, takes too long, let me sum up.

I get a call Friday from my worship pastor asking if I'm available to step into the role of producer for "a few weeks" while some of the regular staff are "away". I've had a feeling that this course could happen and likely should happen and I'm in full support of everything (yes, I'm being vague but that is because I won't gossip and I can't be more specific without risking the perception of gossip, so I'm trying to watch what I say here) and of course, I agreed to step up because that's what I'm here for. Not a big deal, but enough to take up a significant amount of time for the next month or so.

Then, I remember that I need to go to my sister's staffing (it's a yearly review where everyone involved in Vicky's care gets together to see how things are going). So I arrange to get off early and go to that today.

Then yesterday I get phone messages from both parents, in one day (which never happens) and they both sound grave and just say "call me as soon as you can". So I finally get a in touch with my dad. He tells me that Vicky's host mom took her to the doctor for a check up on a "rash" she's had on her breast for a while that isn't responding to the antibiotics, and that the only other thing the doctors can think of is that given Vicky's situation, age and medical work-up, there is a good chance that this might be breast cancer.

Add this on top of the fact that we are missing two key people from staff at church due to unresolved issues in their lives, that the wife of another key figure is mysteriously ill and the doctors can't find a diagnosis, and now Vicky may be facing serious health challenges, and I see red flags everywhere. The Evil One is on the warpath.

I'm just wondering if he didn't learn his lesson well enough the last time... he can't win. We are on God's side and that about says it all. So your prayers for everything are appreciated, especially prayers for restoration and health. And somebody send me an umbrella and galoshes if you don't mind.

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