Saturday, December 17, 2005

beware the germs

Funny the things you notice. As I've thought more and more about joining the Peace Corps, the more I notice the bizarre behavior of my fellow countrymen.

One in particular, a woman I've worked with for years, comes to mind. This woman is one of those people that the vast majority of people would consider slow. She's nice and even sweet but just doesn't catch on or "get it" most of the time. I've never worked closely with her so I don't know her well. Lately, I've seen her in the breakroom a lot.

Every time she comes in, she grabs a napkin from the large stack that sits in a basket next to the sink. She then unfolds it and opens a cupboard, the fridge, turns on the water, etc. She won't touch anything without a napkin.

The funny thing, to me at least, is that the napkin is really no cleaner than anything else in the kitchen. If there are germs on the faucet then they have surly migrated to the stack of napkins only a foot away. People are constantly cooking around those napkins, pawing them to pick up a few, breathing in that general direction.

So what makes those napkins a safe barrier?

I understand OCD and phobias, I know that there are people out there who are seriously afraid of germs. But this woman doesn't quite fit the bill. It's like she heard somewhere about these other people and thought, "Germs are bad, I should take some action," but she didn't grasp the situation fully so her fear is only half-founded. I can't decide if I should point out that the napkins are just as likely to be germ infested as everything else or not. Of course, I'm not going to say anything because her actions are none of my business. If she feels better using a napkin then use the napkin.

Just makes precious little sense to me. Kinda like the other co-worker who insists on using seven paper towels each time she washes her hand. Nevermind that only two of those seven towels absorbs any of the water on her hands, she swears that seven dry better than two.

Ah, America, the land of abundance that has made us stupid. Gotta love it.

****disclaimer: I am in no way wishing to rag on anyone with true OCD or phobias. I know they are real and can be difficult to live with. I'm just noticing all those weird things around us again. So don't take offense, none is meant. Thanks.****

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Vocal Violinist said...

Ahh, weird we all got something about us that other's find strange. Good to get new blogs from you again. I'm enjoying them. I finally got my act together and posted tonight.
Merry Christmas!