Wednesday, February 27, 2008

talk about left field...

We had our monthly staff lunch for church today, an event I particularly enjoy because it is the one time a month I get to see some of the other staff. Last month, we filled out a survey about worship services (in which I was brutally honest, as usual) and had some talk time with our new pastor.

So this time, we have to take a "test" about how evangelical we are (it was a spoof). I didn't like the answers because they didn't fit. I don't know what it is about multiple choice but they never have the right answer. Since these answers were so far off, I wrote in my own. When it came to scoring time, I judged that every "d" answer (my write-ins) had to follow the scale- so I'm either super Evangelical or negative evangelical- in one case, I'm pompous in the other, I'm way heathen (more than unsaved, if that is even possible!). For some reason, this didn't surprize my fellow staff members (insert ninja smilie here!).

I guess it comes down to the fact that I'm a radical. I don't fit in a box, I don't fit people's ideas of what a Christian is. But I'm okay with that. I am just who God made me to be, and how much better can you get than that? (Not to say I can't be better, but I'm on the right track.)

And speaking of left field, baseball season starts soon. That only means (for me) that it is time of sitting on bleachers again to watch Jake. Can't wait!

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