Thursday, January 10, 2008

pants on fire...

I had two customers lie to me today. Right to my face. Then, they got made when the lie did not produce the expected reply (translate- I didn't give them the product for the "reduced" price). I've seen a lot of that going on during our big sale and I find it sad and rather pathetic. Honestly, half the store is being given away as it is, let's not haggle over pennies.

What is it about human nature that makes us so greedy and rude? A friend of mine is writing a computer program that has the computer ask questions of the user and then processes that info to ask more questions. He was trying to classify human behavior like greed and rudeness and decided the best way to classify those people would be in a category of jerks. I agree. And I'm okay with his program taking over the world and outlawing all jerks. (Actually, the program is going to take over the world and I get to be Princess of the Alps, the Andes, part of the Rockies, Antarctica and some tropical island, and I'm okay with that).

It is too late to think hard about this, but I am glad I can laugh about those customers (I did so with my boss, after I checked the shelves and verified the customers were lying, after they had gone of course). And I suppose they will someday get what is coming to them... or at least I hope, maybe.

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MangyCat said...

Alas, it is true. It is human nature to lie, and it is hard to break the habit. I guess it's that stupid sin nature we all have. The father of lies trapped us into it, so I guess it's only natural that we take it on as a part of our being.

Still, I admire the person who will say, "Such and such happened in August," then go back and say, "No, wait, it was actually in November." That's when you know you can trust that person to be truthful.