Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the whirlwind of my life

At last, a free moment. A chance to post. Breath. Okay.

So, you all caught the part about me being nominated for Peace Corps service, right? Good. Glad to know you are reading. So I find out the following day that I need 40 more tutoring hours to fully qualify for the November position. I'm thinking "Yeah, no problem, I'll just get that pounded out in the next month despite the fact I have no one to tutor and I know the library program isn't worth my spit and so on, no problem at all." Thankfully, I have a strict "no panic" rule that I live by. It's been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

So I said a little prayer that went something like, "Okay God, you got me into this, you shoved and I went scampering through this door. I'm willing to do the work but I need some divine help on getting someone to tutor." That was on a Friday.

By Monday morning, I had a student who not only wanted a tutor, but wants to meet several times per week! I'll have the hours done before I go on vacation at the end of August. I'm still pretty blown away by the whole thing and how it's working out. I guess when God is ready to move, He doesn't putz around!

I adore my student, Johana. She is the wife of a co-worker and they moved here from Guatemala just over 2 years ago. Her English is not bad at all, she just doesn't have the confidence to do things like shop on her own, or banking or talking to the doctors about her young daughter. And cooking. So I'm helping her with vocab and practicing conversation. Tonight, we met at her house because her husband is out of town and she couldn't find a baby-sitter. She knew we were going to be working on veggies, so she made stir-fry. Sadly, I had dinner before I went (not knowing she would be cooking), but I managed to eat some anyway. To not eat would have been rude.

So that's what I've been up to these days. It's been a great adventure. As soon as I get an invitation I'll create another blog just for updating while I'm away! Keep your eyes open.

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